Which Alignment Treatment Is Right for You?

When you want to straighten your smile, you need to know the facts.

Aligners Vs. Traditional Braces

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your misaligned teeth? Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace the confidence of a perfectly aligned smile with our teeth straightening options: Invisalign® clear aligners or traditional braces.

Invisalign® clear aligners stand out as an exceptional choice for their virtually invisible appearance and improved comfort. Let’s explore these options to find the ideal solution for your smile transformation.

Clear Aligners
Traditional Braces

Type of Treatment

Custom-made, clear aligners

Fixed brackets and wires


Virtually invisible

Prominent appearance

Wearing Time

18-22 hours



High-quality, BPA-free

Metal brackets and wires


Removable for eating and oral hygiene

Not removable


Smooth and comfortable fit

May cause discomfort

Treatment Time (average)

6-18 months

18-24 months


Frequent checkups

Regular checkups

Progress Tracking

Advanced treatment planning software

Traditional methods


Aligners can be removed for special occasions

Not removable

Lifestyle Impact

Minimal disruption to daily life

May affect eating and speech

Treatment Technology

Advanced technology for precise results

Traditional techniques

Treatment Advantages

Clear, discreet appearance

Potentially faster and suitable for complex cases

Invisalign®: How Does It Work?

How we will help you restore your smile with this discreet treatment.

Girl smiling while wearing clear-aligners
  • Complimentary Evaluation
    Dr. Ament will update scans and photos of your teeth and discuss your desired improvements during your orthodontic treatment.
  • Custom Treatment Projection
    Based on your needs, Dr. Ament will create a personalized treatment plan. She will set up a follow-up consultation to show you a preview of your treatment or send the plan via text or email for your review.
  • Start Day
    The exciting journey to a new smile begins! Tooth-colored buttons or attachments will be applied to your teeth without the need for anesthesia. You will receive your aligner trays and get home care instructions.
  • Checkups
    Dr. Ament will schedule short checkup visits every few weeks to ensure your treatment progresses as planned. She may perform tooth slenderizing or slimming (IPR) to create space for your teeth to move, which is a quick procedure.
  • Progress and Success
    With each new aligner tray, you’ll notice tooth movement and progress toward your dream smile. Our team will support you throughout the treatment, making your Invisalign® experience enjoyable and effective.

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